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Online Spinning & Weaving Courses. Tutorials available to buy now at an incredibly low price!

See below for how to download our new spinning course and weaving course.

Only £30 each!

Spinning online course

This course is about how to spin yarn: but not only that. It looks at the wide choice of fibres available and helps you to choose the right spinning tool for you.

The course represents excellent value – as well as 13 pdf booklets, there are over 120 mins of videos to accompany every aspect of the booklets, so that as well as reading about the processes, you can watch videos of exactly how it’s done.

Price £30

Weaving online course

Weaving is a great way to create beautiful handmade items for your home and wardrobe without the need for any existing craft skills. It is a simple technique in its most basic form and very versatile. Use your weaving to make scarves, pictures and even clothing. Although not a requirement, if you spin too you have the added bonus of being able to create things from the very beginning, sheep to scarf! Weaving is something that both adults and young people can enjoy.

This course will show you the basics of how to weave on a simple frame loom and progress to teaching you to use the versatile yet easy-to-use ‘rigid heddle’ loom. These looms can be used to make many things yet do not take up much room in your home and can be easily stored.

Through a combination of easy to follow videos filmed by Piotr Karter at Inlight Media and comprehensive supporting texts, experienced course tutor Janet Renouf-Miller of Create With Fibre will guide you through the weaving process from start to finish. At just £30 for 36 videos and 12 texts, it makes a great gift for any crafter… yourself included!

Price: £30

Online Spinning course contents - pdfs and videos:


1. About Janet Renouf-Miller (pdf)

2. Meet your tutor (video)

3. Part 1 Introduction (pdf)

4. Introduction to spinning (video)

5. Part 2 Fibre (pdf)

6. Pre-Drafting (video)

7. Part 3 Spindles (pdf)

8. Spindles (video)

9. Part 4 How to spin on a high top spindle (pdf)

10. How to twirl the spindle (video)

11. How to spin on a spindle (video)

12. Joining the yarn on a spindle (video)

13. How to thigh roll and kick the spindle (video)

14. How to ply the yarn on a spindle (video)

15. Part 5 Spinning wheels (pdf)

16. Spinning wheels (video)

17. Part 6 Sourcing a spinning wheel (pdf)

18. Part 7 How to spin on a spinning wheel (pdf)

19. How to treadle the spinning wheel (video)

20. How to oil the spinning wheel (video)

21. Understanding the Scotch tension (video)

22. Let’s start spinning (video)

23. Part 8 How to ply on a spinning wheel (pdf)

24. How to ply yarn on a spinning wheel (video)

25.Part 9 Using a niddy noddy and washing the yarn (pdf)

26. How to hank the yarn on a niddy noddy (video)

27. How to correct an underplyed yarn (video)

28. Part 10 How to sort and wash fleece (pdf)

29. How to sort a fleece (video)

30. How to wash a fleece (video)

31. Part 11 How to card fibre (pdf)

32. Carding (video)

33. Part 12 Further resources (pdf)

34. Resources (video)

All for just £30

Online weaving course contents - pdfs and videos:

1. About Janet (pdf)

2. Part 1: Introduction (pdf)

3. Meet your tutor (video)

4. Introduction (video)

5. Part 2: Weaving on a simple frame loom (pdf)

6. The Dinky Loom (video)

7. How to change colour (video)

8. Changing to a smaller needle (video)

9. Finishing on a Dinky Loom (video)

10. The Midi Loom (video)

11. Starting to weave on the Midi Loom (video)

12. Adding texture to the weaving (video)

13. Finishing with a straight edge (video)

14. Part 3: Weaving on a Scarf Loom (pdf)

15. Scarf Looms (video)

16. Warping a Scarf Loom (video)

17. Weaving on a Scarf Loom (video)

18. How to fix the warp if it comes off the pins (video)

19. Finishing on a Scarf Loom (video)

20. The fringe (video)

21. Taking the scarf off the loom (video)

22. Trimming the fringe (video)

23. Part 4: The Rigid Heddle Loom (pdf)

24. Rigid Heddle Looms (video)

25. Part 5: Warping the loom (pdf)

26. Warping up a Rigid Heddle Loom and removing the peg (video)

27. Winding the warp onto the loom (video)

28. The weaving position (video)

29. Threading the holes (video)

30. Tie the groups of threads onto the loom (video)

31. Tension and secure the threads (video)

32. Weaving the header (video)

33. Part 6: Basic weaving, edge control and having fun with texture (pdf)

34. Starting to weave (video)

35. How to add texture (video)

36. Wonky weaving and more colours (video)

37. Part 7: Working with more than one colour (pdf)

38. How to change colour (video)

39. Part 8: Finishing the weaving (pdf)

40. Cutting the weaving off the loom (video)

41. How to twist the fringe (video)

42. Dealing with the ends (video)

43. Part 9: What to do if a warp thread breaks (pdf)

44. Repairing and finishing the weaving (video)

45. Part 10: How to do hemstitching (pdf)

46. Finish weaving with hem stitching (video)

47. Part 11: Further resources (pdf)

48. Some woven items, books and resources (video)

All for just £30


I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for teaching me to spin last weekend.  i didn't stop grinning all day! i was so proud of my first skein (of yarn) I am taking it along to my Stitch and Bitch group tonight'

'all the feedback I have had from previous students has been excellent about you.  Other people sing your praises too.' 

" brought a great deal of material and a huge variety of equipment. You made the art of spinning look so graceful as well as simple. I understand that you introduced a variety of methods which seemed to be very popular with the members...... you exercised a great deal of patience, giving each member personal time. That gesture was obviously much appreciated."   

MF, Secretary, West of Scotland Guild of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers.

'Today I experienced an epiphany - thank you Janet.' ECGM Fife 

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