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Our new Dinky4 pin weaving loom.

OUTSTANDING FEATURE! We like to impress upon teachers that with this type of pin loom, once the weaving has finished with the last shot of weft, you just need to pop the square of cloth off the pins with your fingers. No awkward tying of short fringes like with looms with notches, grooves or teeth. For kids or people with limited ability, this is a real bonus.


Education pack of 10x Dinky4 Pin Weaving Loom 10cm square 11 pins wide. Our 4th version of the Create With Fibre Dinky loom at a better price!

Portable, durable and easy to use. Supplied with 10x blunt end steel bodkins and 10x special cranked weaving needles.

Weave squares of cloth to use as mug mats, pockets or patches or join together to make garments or sew to a backing for a wall hanging. Weave mini tapestries for fun and art projects. Use left over short pieces of yarn that might usually get thrown away.

We have used these to teach weaving to primary school age kids and people with limited dexterity. We found that age 7 kids could complete a square in plain weave with chunky or Aran weight yarn in less than an hour wth help to warp up and finish the ends.

1x printed photo instructions included that you can photocopy or available to download as a pdf and tutorial videos in our Create With Fibre Community on Facebook. Also our professionally made online weaving course covers pin looms and other basic weaving looms.

The design of these looms make them so much better than other simple looms:

The rails and height of the pins above the base make it  easy to get a good shed and pass a weaving needle or bodkin over and under the warp threads. The hole in the base helps access the back of the weaving and pull through weft ends for example when changing colour or starting with a different yarn. The shape of the pin heads make it easy to wind a warp and to slide off the finished woven piece. You weave the whole piece without the need to cut it off and no fringes to tie. The fibre board and construction technique means the looms are robust and durable so will outlast cheap plastic looms.

These looms are made as environmentally-friendly as practicable from FSC certified board, British made steel pins, low VOC glue and no plastic. Lee makes them himself in our home workshop in Scotland. By buying these looms you will be supporting a UK based 'Mom and Pop' business. Using them in public will generate lots of interest and comments that will promote the learning of weaving.

Type in 'Dinky weaving loom' in Ebay for single items or 10 in an Education pack.

Free Dinky Loom weaving instructions.

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